With collateral at the centre of the financial services universe, the survival and continued success of an organisation is contingent on implementing solutions that can identify and utilize collateral in pursuit of providing liquidity while also realising the goals of operational efficiency and mitigation of counterparty default risk.

New study into how to achieve next-generation collateral management

The implementation of bilateral OTC derivatives margin rules and the ensuing requirement for additional collateral to be posted as margin, reinforces the need to develop solutions that can satisfy both regulatory requirements as well as organisational mandates.

After years spent on managing regulatory initiatives and figuring out what to do, it’s now time to focus on how to do it better and how to competitively differentiate your firm.

Next generation collateral management, or Collateral Management 2.0, could be the answer.

Read this report and discover the nine building blocks needed to achieve Collateral Management 2.0.

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